Update: 13 March 15

Good Afternoon! How’s everyone’s day going? It shouldn’t be anything less than amazing considering it’s Friday and a beautiful, sunny day out today. At least, that’s what it’s looking like here in Northern California!

I’ve not forgotten my promise to my small circle of readers- I will have some fresh reads for you nexxt week. Who would have thought the military would demand so much time that I wouldn’t be able to right full time? Oh wait, I did! And no you all do as well.

The upcoming post will feature a short piece from the POV of Field Agent Layla Talat that will be another leg in a series of shorts I’m calling the Descendants. You may remember briefly meeting Agent Talat in my previous post on New Years Eve. If you don’t remember her, either I need to step my game up, or you need a refresher! Either way, be sure to read both a King’s Christmas and One Last Hurrah! before the end of next week!

In the meantime, have a safe weekend!



Quick Update

Good morning and happy Saturday everyone! I have not forgotten you all! I underwent PRK (military version of LASIK Eye Surgery) on last Tuesday and as such I’ve been literally blind. As such I won’t be posting anything new until next week when I can sit down at my desk and stare at my screen for more than thirty seconds.

In the mean time, feel free to check out my last post Don’t Throw That Away!

Have a safe weekend!


Happy New Year!

Welcome to the first day of a brand new year.! I hope everyone was safe and had a great time last night, but today is January 1st and that means that fun  time is over and its time to get to work. For some that means going back to the office, for others it means back to being a stay at home something. For me it means right back at my desk and this here blog.

Last year I intended to breath new life into this blog and, like with all things, life go in the way and I was not able to keep that promise. This year will be different. I will not be tying myself to any set schedule this year, as I know myself well enough to know that will never work, but I will be doing my very best to post consistently and continuously.

If you followed my progress formerly, you’ll notice that the Pre-Fall Journals and the other miscellaneous one-shots I previously posted are no long available for public consumption. That was a decision I made a few days ago as part of my refreshing this blog. Don’t worry, it will all be available again for your reading pleasure when I feel it’s ready for primetime. For the time being, I will be focusing on a series of one-shots focusing on a group of young adults.

You may not be aware of this, but I am working on finishing my first book (it’s turns four years old on the 11th) and it will be my primary focus for the first half of this year. I plan to have it finished and published by Summer 2015 (keep your fingers crossed that my Editor keeps her foot in my ass), but that takes priority.

As I said before, I will be posting regularly, even if it’s just to say hello or muse about the day, but I will be sure to do my very best and keep this blog alive. All I ask of you, my wonderful audience, is to stay patient with me and continue your much-needed support.

Thank you all and Happy New Years!