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Repeat After Me via R.C. Murphy

Author R.C. Murphy

There’s no such thing as a throw-away idea.

Got it? Good.

What? You’re confused? Fine, I’ll explain. *dons smart-looking writer’s cap*

In the course of planning and writing (slowly) the final book in my vampire trilogy, I’ve discovered something I find hilarious. Some of the details I thought would never amount to anything in Be Ours Forever ended up being huge parts of the other books. For instance, I tossed in a line about Caius’ cabin in the woods in BOF. That cabin, mentioned only once in the first book, became a major setting in In Too Deep and will play a minor role in the third (yet unnamed) book. I never thought twice about the cabin while writing BOF. It was an easy way to drop a quick story that’d give readers a better sense of his personality since we never saw his point of view and it was…

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I Have a Problem

Nee has a problem…

Author R.C. Murphy

No, it isn’t my obsession with everything Guardians of the Galaxy. Or my over-zealous eyebrow tweezing.

It’s book sales. Or rather, the difficulty I’ve found trying to sell books which don’t really fit into any fad genre clogging the best-seller charts.

First thing, I’m not bitter over anyone’s success. I knew out the gate, especially with Enslaved, that pitching the idea to a publisher wouldn’t be an issue. It’s readers who I cannot, for the life of me, convince to give the book a chance . . . even after they read it.

Conversations generally go like this:

Me: “Guys, I wrote a thing! Please buy it.”

Reader: “Nah. I’m gonna buy this overpriced iced coffee. Decaf. Non-fat. No whip.”

Me (Thinking, “What’s the point in that?”): “I said, please. There’s hot guys.”

Reader: “I don’t know . . . .”

Me: “Hot guys who have a lot of sex–incubi!”

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Peer Interview – R.C. Murphy

Some month ago I took some time and shot the breeze with my best friend and fellow author, R.C Murphy, to discuss some of her writing experiences. Join us and try not to hold my questions or her answers against us- we're a bit insane. … Continue reading Peer Interview – R.C. Murphy

Peer Interview – Quamaine Byrd

Nope, no Pre-Fall Journal post today, but be sure to check out my Peer Interview with fellow author R.C. Murphy!

Author R.C. Murphy

This week I sat down with one of my favorite people, Quamaine Byrd, and bugged the hell out of him about his experiences while writing. In the course of the interview we had a little unwanted “help” from my characters. They never sit by and let me have all the fun.

RC: Why did you decide to start writing?

Quamaine: Well, that’s a pretty good question. I guess you could say that I started writing more out of necessity than some irresistible urge. Back when I was first beginning middle school I had a lot of things going on (moving to Michigan, my father leaving the country, and some other things) and I did not have a positive outlet at the time. It was either go down the same road as my cousins and get in trouble, or find something positive and constructive to do with my time.

I settled on writing short…

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