Update: 3 April 15

 Good Afternoon and Happy Friday! I hope everyone’s Friday is absolute as fabulous and sunny as mine is! Another long week has come and gone, and thank God, because the exercise I just participated in was absolutely draining! But, another day, another dollar, right?

You all may have noticed the lack of new material this week. This is intentional, not a mistake. I’m hard at work on Bound so that I may pass it off for its first round of edits. Finally! There will, however, be new material next week for sure. In the interim, be sure to check out Don’t Throw That Away! and have a safe weekend!



Valentines? Pah!…What Is Love?


what is love?

Love means different things to different people.

It can be kind, life affirming and caring or it can be heart breaking, suffocating and used as a battering ram.

Folks say pets don’t love. Yet whatever that voo-doo that they-do, it is often sweeter, truer and more agender-free than the forced thing masquerading as love that blights so many relationships.

So many marriages where ‘love’ turns to bile-filled hate in court.
Surely real, true love never dies…or cheats? Or keeps the kids away from (a loving) dad?

Maybe we’ve all been had and it really is just a fairy tale construct invented to sell things the way diamonds and champagne were cleverly marketed.

Maybe love today is really just physical tingly bits mistaken for love, or it’s ‘you’ll do for now…until something better comes along.’

But I’m just a dumb editor.


Folks…(poignant stare at screen)… WHAT…

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Quick Update

Good morning and happy Saturday everyone! I have not forgotten you all! I underwent PRK (military version of LASIK Eye Surgery) on last Tuesday and as such I’ve been literally blind. As such I won’t be posting anything new until next week when I can sit down at my desk and stare at my screen for more than thirty seconds.

In the mean time, feel free to check out my last post Don’t Throw That Away!

Have a safe weekend!