Update: 13 March 15

Good Afternoon! How’s everyone’s day going? It shouldn’t be anything less than amazing considering it’s Friday and a beautiful, sunny day out today. At least, that’s what it’s looking like here in Northern California!

I’ve not forgotten my promise to my small circle of readers- I will have some fresh reads for you nexxt week. Who would have thought the military would demand so much time that I wouldn’t be able to right full time? Oh wait, I did! And no you all do as well.

The upcoming post will feature a short piece from the POV of Field Agent Layla Talat that will be another leg in a series of shorts I’m calling the Descendants. You may remember briefly meeting Agent Talat in my previous post on New Years Eve. If you don’t remember her, either I need to step my game up, or you need a refresher! Either way, be sure to read both a King’s Christmas and One Last Hurrah! before the end of next week!

In the meantime, have a safe weekend!



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